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Observing India Book Cover

Observing India

is a book of images documenting my stay in India.

India is a country where its landscapes are as vivid and alive as its people, this collection of images is a glimpse into that world. It shows the rich culture from a traditional past, yet steeped with more modern influences in this forever evolving nation.

The unusual format for this unique selection will give the viewer a taste of India's character and heritage. They capture the daily lives of some that live in this celebrated place, revealing both the rustic and urban environments they occupy.


Terrified doesn't come close to describing the 5:30 am taxi ride from Bangalore airport. The drive was a mixture of an off-road obstacle course combined with Formula One dodgems. We sped past chickens, weaved through traffic, avoided cows, only slowing for the police. Apart from the accelerator the horn was the only other tool our driver needed, it replaced the need for things such as indicators, lights and brakes. Our driver was not alone in using this vital piece of equipment as there was a constant cacophony of toots and honks for all directions. When we finally arrived at the hotel I was in awe with our drivers ability to deliver us safely in one piece, but with one addition, the memory of that first venture on India's roads.

This was only the start, my whole experience was littered with an overload to the senses; some although not so frantic and potentially life threatening.

My idea was to capture India without interfering with the scenes that unfolded before me. I wanted to be invisible, but still be amongst the bustle to take in the energy and essence that India resonates with. The street shots are designed to show life as it happens at that instant. These are the things I saw that had an impact on me as a bystander. They represent a unique point-in-time, showing the reality of that around me.

India is a land of contrasts from richness to poverty, from tranquility to intensity. These images are designed to show the balance between these opposites, but more than that they illustrate how vibrant and alive the country and its people are.


A selection of images taken from the book:
A young girl dressed in a traditional outfit outside of Chamundeshwari temple on top of Chamundi Hills
Transporting cattle outside Mysore, India
Indian man begging outside MacDonalds in Bangalore, India
A tut tut parked in Bangalore close to Ulsoor Lake with Jesus sign
India traffic on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore, India
Farmers herding goats on a countryside road outside of Mysore
Indian women crossing a road on Chamundi Hills outside Mysore, India
Decorated Indian cow shading in Bangalore, India
Lush green rice field plantations with a lone farmer in India
Indian school girl in Bangalore, India
Indian man drying clothes after washing himself on a train track
A street hawker selling large balloons in Bangalore, India
Indian man relaxing on the street in Bangalore, India
Sunset over Bangalore taken from the top of the Lemon Tree Hotel
Indian family on motor bike on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore
Indian Ladies walking in the midday sun past Ulsoor lake in Bangalore
An Indian street seller selling giant teddy bears in Bangalore
Temple with western advert on Commercial Street in Bangalore, India
Disabled Indian man in Bangalore, India
Cows eating litter on Chamundi Hills ouotside Mysore, India
Chamundeshwari Temple on Chamundi Hills outside Mysore
Indian boy looking out across Mysore from Chamundi Hills
Older Indian man walking in Bangalore, India
A family of cows strolling on the top of Chamundi Hills outside Mysore
Two tut tut drivers chatting in Bangalore, India
A old man walking through Commercial Street in Bangalore, India



ISBN: 147518624X

EAN13: 9781475186246

Page Count: 100

Size: 8.5" x 8.5"

Language: English

Colour: Full Colour



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